Members of the Run For Dad Team Visit the UCA Prostate Cancer in Lawrenceville

run-for-dadUrology Care Alliance and the UCA Prostate Cancer Center are proud to partner with the Run For Dad 5K, an American Cancer Society event designed to build awareness about prostate cancer.

The 5-year survival rate for men whose prostate cancer if detected early is nearly 100% and 93% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will live 10 years or more. Education, awareness and personal action are saving lives and finding a cure. The funds raised from the Run For Dad 5K provide research for new treatments, free prostate cancer testing, and education about prostate cancer.

It takes dozens of volunteers to effectively execute the Run For Dad 5K event, as teams of volunteers not only work on committees to plan the run/walk, but also play a key role in carrying the important message about prostate cancer prevention and treatment to area communities.

UCA recently hosted a “lunch and learn” for key members of the Run For Dad team, including members of the organizing committee, team leaders, and event volunteers. The group toured the UCA Prostate Cancer Center and Dr. William Ding, Radiation Oncologist at the Cancer Center and Dr. Adam Kuehn, with the UCA Pathology Laboratory, spoke on new and innovative treatment options for prostate cancer.