ED Sign of Cardiovascular Trouble

Previous studies published by the American Heart Association suggest that for those who have cardiovascular disease, ED is a “potent predictor” of serious trouble ahead. Meaning that having both raises the chances of dying from cardiovascular disease and seems to double the chances of having a heart attack. It was also reported that the more severe the ED, the greater the risk of cardiovascular problems.

One of the reasons ED may be a marker of future trouble is it’s believed to be an indicator of atherosclerosis and the small arteries supplying the penis may get plugged up with plaque and manifest as ED before larger arteries in the heart get clogged enough to cause symptoms.

Typically ED comes on a few years before the cardiac symptoms, so the condition is a warning men should pay attention to – much like other factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

ED and its relationship to cardiovascular issues can be discussed with patients’ primary care physician or urologist.